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Laptop Hinge repair and Microsoft office installation

Laptop hinge repair workshop and computer center in Nairobi.

Our workshop is open for laptop hinge and Macbooks Repair in Nairobi, screen replacement, Microsoft Office, and operating systems (OS) installation. We stock genuine Windows licenses and assist our clients with installations as well. We have all types of genuine software key and serial licenses. Have a chat with our specialists on Macbooks and desktops in Nairobi today.

Foxbyte laptop repair service offers the highest quality for all our customers, and our goal is to provide the best possible service, fixing any computer problems in the shortest space of time possible. We are always training to perfect our service so that we can offer the very best in customer care to all our clients. Are you looking for a reliable service provider for your IT needs? Then you are in the right place. Give us a call now. Our laptop repair professionals will provide you with the best quality Macbooks Repair in Nairobi.

For desktop Macbooks and laptop keyboard replacement.

  • Repair of power jack and motherboard
  • replacement laptop keyboard
  • Laptop Hinge Repair
  • LCD Screen, Backlight, Invertor, and Hinge Repair
  • Hard Drive Replacement, Viruses, Spyware, Trojans, Worms, and Adware Identification and Removal
  • Windows Operating System Re-installation
  • Laptops, keyboards, and touchpads can all be repaired.
  • Memory Replacement and Upgrades
  • Installation of operating systems (OS) and repair of desktop computers in Nairobi
  • Laptop Screen replacement
IT professionals and IT Technicians Discussing ICT solutions and services in Kenya fixingLaptop Screen replacement, Macbooks Repair in Nairobi and Operating systems (OS) installation

For Motherboard diagnosis to Laptop Hinge, we repair all.

We are multi-specialists in the field of computers. We service all brands and models of computers, including MacBook Repair in Nairobi, as well as the devices and accessories that go with them.

Laptops: We have laptop repair professionals in Nairobi who will diagnose and repair all laptop issues, from simple to complex, at affordable pricing. The experts are engineers with years of experience in the business who can work on any laptop make and model down to the circuitry level. They have a lot of experience and are always learning new things as technology advances. If our laptop repair professionals in Nairobi can’t fix it, no one can.

We are experts in laptop keyboard replacement and general upgrades as:

  • Laptop screen damage: broken screen or spillage of any brand laptop (Sony, HP, Dell, Acer, Asus, HCL, and Apple).
  • Errors on hard drives
  • Operating systems (OS) installation
  • Replacement of a Laptop Screen
  • USB ports and desktops repair in Nairobi
  • Keyboard errors and damage
  • Laptop heating issue and slow laptop upgrade
  • Data Recovery Errors
  • Malware and virus errors
  • Software Installation and Driver Errors

Besides our laptop repair at home in Nairobi services, we are also dedicated to providing the best in-genuine software with key and serial licenses for home PCs and gaming computers.

We install Genuine software with key and serial licenses.

  • We can perform upgrades and maintenance on your laptop at our Nairobi laptop service center to ensure its reliability and performance.
  • Software maintenance and updates: Many problems with laptops are caused by corrupted software and files. This corruption can have many causes, but recovering your laptop back to full working order can be challenging. We guarantee the authenticity of our software keys and serial licenses.
  • Operating system (OS) installation: At Foxbyte, we have a number of tools that allow us to access locked and damaged files.We also have operating system repair tools that can restore broken functionality on microsoft office installation. Often, software updates won’t apply properly, and we can help ensure that they are loaded successfully.
  • Laptop Screen Replacements: Screens are quite fragile and can be damaged by seemingly minor accidents. Screens can also fail over time due to brightness and dead pixels. We can replace most laptop screens and restore bright and full functionality. 
  • Hard Drive Replacements: If you are running out of disk space or are looking to increase the performance of your laptop, consider replacing and upgrading the hard disk drive .
  • This means we will set up your wireless router in a suitable place, configure the network, ensure it is secure, and then carry out a full test to confirm you can get reliable Wi-Fi access. Our expert technicians will also assess whether you need any additional equipment (e.g. Wi-Fi boosters) to improve your Wi-Fi connectivity. Read more.
  • Repair and replacement of laptop hinge : Basically, laptop hinges do not last long as all the display load is put on them. They may be damaged with time. If not replaced promptly, the hinge may damage the screen. We have technicians for hinge repairs or replacements.

Since we are so confident about our work’s quality, we guarantee our repair service. We have a “No Fix, No Pay Policy,” which means if our expert engineers can’t repair your computer, you don’t have to pay anything.

We have been rated the best laptop repair near me in Nairobi for local laptop repair, Macbook repair in Nairobi, genuine Windows license vendor, and related problems. Our 24/7 service means we can be with you any day of the week, whether you need a computer technician or Macbooks Repair in Nairobi or adjacent areas.

Whether it is for general repairs, cleaning, Microsoft office installation, or installing upgrades, we are here to help you. You will receive a quote before we repair it, and same-day service is available at your request.

We guarantee our repair service. We have a "No Fix No pay Policy," which means if our expert engineers can’t repair your computer, you don’t have to pay anything.