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Home to the best ICT solutions and services in Kenya.

With a highly creative and dedicated team of IT technicians and IT professionals.

Foxbyte Systems comprises Elite IT professionals and IT technicians offering ICT solutions and services in Kenya. Whether it be remote-assisted sessions or guidance, installations, hosting, web design, or repairs, we have our professionals and IT technicians for the same. We never charge for consultations, and we always try to fit within your schedule whenever we can. This way, you have the option to decide where and when you need a solution. Foxbyte Systems has by far accommodated more home-based support, mostly during post-COVID, than any of our close competitors. This way, our IT technicians are dispatched to your residence and do all computer repair work while on your premises, to your satisfaction. Home deliveries are a service Foxbyte has long incorporated at no fee.

IT professionals and IT Technicians Discussing ICT solutions and services in Kenya fixingLaptop Screen replacement, Macbooks Repair in Nairobi and Operating systems (OS) installation
IT professionals and IT Technicians at work

Our history of providing ICT solutions and services in Kenya

Our very first IT professionals have been with us to date.

Founded in 2019, Foxbyte Systems is your everyday ICT solutions partner. Driven by the demand to help clients with complex IT issues at their convenience, Foxbyte was founded by a team of professionals in IT who would advise and fix issues as needed. Of course, we believe it should cost less while giving more, and this has always been our driving force. Foxbyte Systems has since expanded to a collective group of skilled IT technicians and certified professionals in IT and now incorporates all your IT needs under one roof. How do we do this? We have since recruited a team selected from the best of what we do in different fields of IT to work in harmony. Today, Foxbyte Systems is comprised of five IT professionals and over 50 freelance IT technicians spread across Kenya. This way, we guarantee to give you the best in terms of cost, product, and timeline. We make it happen. It’s that simple.

What are our principals in providing the best ICT solutions and services in Kenya?

We are a highly creative and dedicated team of IT professionals and IT technicians.

Our goals.

Expand your business with our ICT solutions and services in Kenya.

Customer feedback is very important to us. At Foxbyte Systems, we are never in a hurry to push for business at the expense of delivering substandard results. When a client engages us, we listen and take notes. This way, we can always refer back to the original message. Our IT technicians are always there to keep our clients updated with any new developments and/or changes when they occur. Most importantly, we are never in a hurry to fix something without first obtaining our customers’ approval on any incurred costs. Of course, our rush is always focused on keeping our clients up-to-date. We explain complex IT jargon in layman’s language. Our prices are the best you can get and are always standardized for all of our customers. After-sales support is essentially important to us. We believe maintaining a clean after-sales history takes business to the next level. Customer feedback is taken very seriously and equally addressed to the latter.

Meet our IT professionals behind great ICT solutions and services in Kenya.

At Foxbyte Systems, we love what we do. Not only do we look forward to Mondays, but working has always been more fun than a job for our IT technicians. Our passion is always driven by results on ICT solutions administered at first grab. This is always maintained by internal bonding and proper escalation.